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Sunday, 17 August 2014

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Happy Sunday :)! This week has been crazy busy with work, I work really long hours, sometimes from 10am one day until 10am the next day! So life can be really hectic trying to fit in everything else too, I had to miss my yoga class this week thanks to work which is annoying. My week hasn't been too interesting. Today I finished a shift early in the morning (7.45am) and decided to make the most of the rest of my day off. I went for coffee with my mum & gran which was lovely, then this afternoon I went a long walk (to look for wild blackberrys for jam making, but they weren't ripe yet). Now that I've moved back in with my parents after finishing university I'm enjoying living near the countryside again. Actually we're really lucky as we also live right next to the beach:) so it's great for walks. I love having a day off on a Sunday just to relax and do nothing, the weathers been really rubbish this week but I'm secretly kind of glad as it means Autumn is just round the corner! I must admit, I've been so excited for Autumn. There's just something about the winter months I love. The crisp autumn mornings, cozy rainy days, buying a new winter coat, boots and scarf (an excuse for new clothes), dark nights drinking hot chocolate. There's something about Autumn and Winter that brings a sort of stillness to the air, the days seem more laid back and cozy. I found out this week that I'm going a little trip to Germany in Decemeber to visit the Christmas Markets! It's a work trip but I'm so so excited. I've always wanted to visit the German Markets so that has given me something to look forward to.

Has anyone visited the Christmas Markets in Cologne or Valkenburg? 
Hope your all enjoying a lazy Sunday:) x


  1. Ooh those working hours seem super strenuous! You seem to be dealing with them like a trouper though, props to you for that! Ooh sounds like a great trip, Christmas time is the absolute best!

    Jade x
    jadethejourno.blogspot.co.uk ♡

  2. Oh I probably moan far too much about it haha! I agree, got to be my favourite time of the year!

    x x

  3. I've never been to a proper German Christmas market but I would absolutely love to, it sounds exactly the sort of thing I would adore! It'll be lovely for you to have that to look forward to :)

    And yes, my new blog is up! I hope you like it!

  4. I've never been to one either I actually can't wait, I'll take lots of pictures! It will be the perfect thing for getting into the Christmas spirit:)!

    I had a look at your blog and read all your posts, love it! I'm so so happy you decided to start one up again as I loved reading your last one. Excited for new posts!

    x x