Psyc Edit - 10 Ways To Stay Mindful

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

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I'm just back from my third yoga class, sitting in bed with the window open and listening to the rain / 'Birdy - Not About Angels'. Taking time out each week to practice yoga is having such a calming effect on me and at the end of each class I feel more able to deal with certain things in my life which, otherwise, really get me down. So tonight got me thinking about how important it is to stay mindful of everything going on in life. Mindfulness is a psychological state of awareness which basically means being conscious of thoughts, emotions and actions. Recently, there has been a wealth of research dedicated to the benefits of mindfulness, particularly in psychotherapy. However practicing mindfulness on a daily basis can be beneficial to everyone, so I thought I'd share a few things I do to help stay mindful.  

1. Try to meditate each morning and evening.
2. Focus on the moment at hand and notice thoughts or emotions.
3. When stressful situations present themselves take 3 deep breaths before reacting to decrease anxiety.
4. Keep a gratitude journal and write 3 things you are thankful for each night before going to sleep
5. Remember that you can center yourself or your thoughts at any moment.
6. Practice mindfulness on a daily basis.
7. Know that any worries will pass.
8. Try to keep positive.
9. Go with what feels right, don't force it
10. Spend time in nature, go for long walks.

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